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Service Description

Ten years ago as I started my career facilitating past life regressions I discovered that during concentrated meditative eye gazing I was able to receive past life information about the person I was looking at. This started as I began my past life QHHT hypnotherapy work with clients. I would often see the client's faces shift into and show as the version of their past life self that we were about to explore during their regression. The flashes were brief as we started to work together but the faces I saw were then confirmed by what the clients revealed under hypnosis. I have decided to offer this as a reading now for clients who want to learn more about a past life they have lived. For your past life session, I begin by concentrating and going into a meditative state as I gaze at your photo, concentrating on your eyes. As I look at your picture and into your eyes, the true windows to your soul, I receive downloads and see, feel and understand a past life you have lived. At times I even see the face change shape and I am then looking at your past life face. The information I receive includes your past life journey, challenges, gifts, talents and powers. I can also see and feel what unresolved issues you have carried over into this life to fully resolve. Patterns, situations and experiences repeat from lifetime to lifetime until you learn the lesson and transcend the issues. We set up our life before we incarnate to experience similar past life issues knowing that we have the resolve and strength to change the outcome in this lifetime. What patterns are you repeating? What issues are you ready to resolve? Leave this earth incarnation as karma free as possible, remember and reactivate your inner power. We have all incarnated at this special time in history to uncover our full potential. The time is now to step into your power. When booking your reading please chose a one-minute time slot on Sunday and then complete payment. The 1 minute is only for booking purposes. The reading is done over e-mail. Send 3 clear, close-up pictures of your face and eyes to or text #646-983-2874. I will then begin my meditation to uncover your past life information. I will write up all the results I have received and e-mail you your past life reading in approximately 3 days. The reading includes any follow-up questions you may have about the information you receive. E-mail with any questions you have before booking this service.

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Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule.

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