Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy  - QHHT $333

Past Life Regression with Higher Self Healing
All sessions are voice recorded and sent to the client.   
Sessions take approximately 3 hours.
A detailed description of QHHT can be found on the about page.
Please read the section below on how to prepare for this life-changing event.  

Beyond Quantum Healing - BQH    $333

BQH can be done online.

You need a quiet place to lay down and a session is approximately 3 hours.      

​BQH is a multidimensional, intuitive and energy based spiritual healing modality.  BQH’s goal is to assist the client to become more connected to their inner healer and their inner wisdom and become more powerful and autonomous.  A session uses water alchemy, hypnosis, intention setting and includes source and higher self healing. Although each BQH session is unique a session can include you experiencing a past, current, parallel or future life.  You could also regress to a life as an animal, ET or energy being. It is also possible to connect to and receive messages from your guides, relatives (even pets) who have crossed over or even Source. During a session it is possible to check for and remove any entity attachments.  A BQH session is a powerful an all encompassing healing event.
Please read the section below on how to prepare for this life-changing event.  
Sessions can also be done online from the comfort of your own home using ZOOM. 

Reiki     $88​

Energy Healing
60 minutes

Reiki with Crystal Grid Healing      $111

Energy Healing with Custom Crystal Grid  
During your Reiki session, I connect to your spirit/higher self and then share the messages with you.  Messages are of love and support and can include personal mantras and glimpses into a past powerful life you have lived.
60 minutes

Group Past Life Regression Workshops   

I offer 3 different one hour group workshops for corporations or private parties.  
During the 1st group regression, you will be able to connect with a past life you have lived.  You will get a feel for who you were and also if anyone you know currently was with you during that time.  In the 2nd workshop, you will connect to your future self. What is going on in your life in the future? Catch a glimpse of what you are accomplishing.  The 3rd group workshops allows you to see who your spirit guide is. These fun workshops are conducted using light hypnosis and can be an exciting addition to any party or used for corporate team building.  Read about my workshops as reviewed by The New York Times on the press/past events page.

 Oracle Card Readings from the Magic Realm   $66                                                                                                                               I work with 6 different oracle card decks to give you insight on how to better your current life.  In your reading, you will learn who your spirit guide is. You will also receive crystal recommendations. I also offer custom power activation mantras and practical tips and ideas on how to incorporate magic into your daily life. Magic is real and here for you. It's time to reclaim your power.  At the end of your reading I can also do a psychic Q & A to answer any other questions you might still have.     
In person/FaceTime/Online using Zoom/email

Past Life Meditative Eye Gazing      $66

During meditative eye gazing I can "see" who you were in a past life.  As we work together and I gaze into your eyes I feel and understand the other lives you lived.  This includes your past life gifts, talents and powers. I can also see what unresolved issues you carried over into this life.   Patterns repeat from lifetime to lifetime until you learn the lesson and transcend the behaviors and issues. Leave this earth incarnation as karma free as possible, remember and reactivate your inner power.  This is also done over e-mail if you are not in NYC. 

Spiritual Life Coaching    

Life coach with extra attention to your spiritual side.
Working with clients until they are restored to their full divinity.  Deep and lasting joy is possible. Let us work together until it is a natural part of you.
 Traditional talk therapy often does not address our spiritual side and awakening and all the new questions and challenges it can bring up.  I'm here to bridge that gap.
I offer channeled and intuitive guidance on all topics.  Feel free to share with me in a safe space. Contact me for an initial 20-minute complimentary session.

Sessions take place in my home office in downtown NYC.    It's possible for me to travel to your location and conduct a session in the comfort and privacy of your own space.  Some clients prefer to not travel after Reiki, QHHT or BQH session to help them process the information in a quiet and familiar environment.

I offer 20% off services for people who have attended one of my workshops, events and also for returning clients.

Preparing for your QHHT or BQH session.

A QHHT or BQH session can be a powerful and life changing experience.  To have the best experience possible I suggest meditating more. Clients who have a regular meditation practice enter the hypnotic state easier and go much deeper into their past life.  I suggest getting a meditation timer app on your phone and meditating for at least 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks leading up to your appointment. Limit caffeine for a few hours before and also alcohol for 24 hours leading up to your session.  

After your session is complete and we have learned the reason you were guided to that particular life we go over the questions you have prepared before your arrival.  Your higher self only wants the best for you and will answer all of your questions. I like to break it into 3 sections. The 1st section is physical pain you are experiencing in your body.  List conditions you are dealing with and pain you are experiencing. Your higher self will tell us the reason for the pain. If it feels you are ready and have learned the lesson from the pain it will help you work towards optimal health.  The 2nd part is interpersonal relationships. Please list the people in your life that you are seeking a more harmonious relationship with. Your higher self can tell you what your soul contract is with different people. Before you incarnate you plan to meet certain people to learn lessons.  Once you know what the contract is you can work towards improving your relationship with that person. The 3rd section is any questions you have. Your higher self holds the answers and will guide you with love towards self improvement. For example, if someone was adopted and did not know the actual day they were born their higher self will know and give the date.  Have fun with that part. Ask anything! Sit in meditation and the questions will come.

As you prepare your questions please don't edit yourself.  Your QHHT/BQH appointment is completely confidential. Trust that I find no topic off limits after doing this work for years.  I have experience helping clients with E.T encounters, magic, unexplained occurrences and much more.

We can also add some of the questions I love to ask.  Feel free to add any or all of these to your session.

  • What action steps can I take to improve my life?
  • ​What karma did I incarnate now to resolve?  How can I do that the best way?
  • What is my life's purpose?  How can I easily align with this purpose?
  • Who are my guides? How can I be in closer contact with them to receive clear messages?
  • Can you recommend any mantras that work for me?
  • What can I do to lessen or break my addiction to a specific person, substance or behavior and what was the lesson in that situation?
  • What exercises work best for my body?
  • What food/diet is the best for my body?  Any foods I'm eating now that I should stop?
  • Are there any vitamins or supplements I should or should not be taking?
  • Are my chakras aligned?  If no can we align and clean them now?  
  • Have I ever had a past life with a specific family member, friend, spouse or even Jesus?
  • Was I alive during the time of (historical time you have been interested in) if yes what was the purpose and lesson in that life?
  • Do you see any questions in my mind that I didn’t write down?
  • Do you have any messages from - specific person or pet that has returned to spirit?
  • Do you have any messages for - specific person?
  • What do I need to know about the next 6 months?
  • Is my twin flame on earth?  If yes, where are they? Can you tell me what their name is?
  • Do I have earth karma with (specific person) and how can I transmute it easily?
  • What other advice do you have for me?  

This question is repeated until your higher self feels you have all the information you need.

When your higher self is finished offering you love, healing, answers and resolution to your issues I bring you out of hypnosis.  We go over your past life, higher self-healing and guidance. I suggest you take it easy for a few hours after. Rest and take extra loving care of yourself.  Drink lots of water and eat the foods you love. You will have a lot to think about. A QHHT session is a powerful and exciting event. I consider it an honor and a joy to be able to do this work with clients.  Every regression is treated with confidentiality and respect. Thank you for choosing to work with me on your journey towards better understanding yourself and achieving a bliss state of living!

Payment is exchanged 72 hours before your session to secure your spot. 

I use Venmo, paypal or credit cards. 

When one rises - we all rise.  

LOVE is real and here for YOU.  

Allow yourself to feel the joy and magic life wants to offer.

A deposit of $50 to hold your spot is required upon booking.  

The balance is exchanged 48 hours before you arrive.  

I accept PayPal and Venmo.  

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you have.