Trish is a professional Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and Spirit Coach in NYC.
 Specializing in helping the inhabitants of Earth remember and then return to their true Divine selves. Born a psychic empath in Brooklyn. Her childhood was filled with dreams of interdimensional astral projection and a deep inner knowing that this Earth life was just a small part of who she truly is. As an adult she healed herself through meditation, positive affirmations and medicinal plants.  Once restored to her full Divinity (and while knowing healing is a lifetime journey) she embarked on a career to help others heal and then feel the magical joy that life wants to offer.  She has now come to Earth in the 2nd wave of volunteers as described in Dolores Cannon's book - The Three Waves of Volunteers.  A must read for anyone who has ever wondered why they are here on Earth at this time.  Trish is also able to see the past lives of others during meditative gazing. Here to help raise the vibration of planet earth and its inhabitants one person at a time.

A Fine Arts major in college who now creates raw Amethyst necklaces infused with Reiki energy.  Believes anything is possible. Energy channel.  Able to see the white light of the Divine shining down during meditation. Instant manifestor.  Alchemist.  Third eye open.  Oracle card reader and creator.  Shapeshifter.  Astral friend of Merlin.  Rescue cat caretaker to three magical cats.  Urban gardener and marathon runner.   Out of the matrix.  Beholden to no man. 

Thankful for every day on this planet while knowing how hard it can be.  Here to help others resolve and transmute their trauma and karma then raise their vibration through her healing career.  Holding space for the healing of others. When one rises we all rise.  Knows everyone is equal.  We are one.  Capable of crying tears of joy when watching others succeed. Psychic skills growing and improving every day. Looking forward to returning to her true crystalline structure one positive thought at a time. We are all sparks of the divine who deserve to feel the joy that is our birthright.

I AM and so are YOU.  

LOVE is real and here for YOU.  

Allow yourself to feel the joy and magic life wants to offer.


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Have a magical day! 



​Understand more about yourself and why you are on Earth at this time during a past life regression session, BQH session, reiki or oracle card reading from the magic realm.  

Hear loving messages from your higher self and practical ways you can better your current life.  Life is more then you can see with your eyes.  

Allow yourself access to the magic that is your birthright.  

Live your best life.